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23 Jan

I’m too lazy to share a recipe of my own today, but littlelopardbook tempted me with this delicious Spicy Vegge Pad Thai. Bonus for vegetarians!


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Most of my meals these days are pre-planned, sometimes more than a month in advance, so spontaneous cravings generally take a back seat to what my taste buds desire!

But last night, there was no stopping the serious Thai food craving I had been experiencing for the past 3 days!

It was getting late and I contemplated ordering out, but then remembered I had a package of Pad Thai noodles in my pantry. My next thought was that I had soy sauce, eggs, scallions and cilantro, so surely I could make something happen!

vegetable pad thai, vegetarian pad thai, pad thai, pad thai recipe, spicy pad thai, spicy vegetable pad thai, recipes, food, thai food

Most of the time I create my recipes well in advance, shop for the ingredients and plan the dish, last night was a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants kind of night… and I liked it!

I made sure to test the Pad Thai before I devoted any time to writing down the recipe I had created or photographing the dish.  One…

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Pimp your table!

23 Jan

Nothing says “chic” quite like having a fab collection of books (mainly travel, fashion, food or photography) on your coffee table. They can even double as a nightstand or just a piece of art in your home. I recently came across Kate Spade’s “Thing We Love” coffee book at just 40 bucks. Not too bad seeing at it’s coming from one of the fashion and design world’s most celebrated designer.

Shop it here!


23 Jan

Recipe for The Ramos Fizz (yumm!)

Cold Glass

So I’ve been shaking a Ramos Fizz for ten minutes now, in an effort to find out if the legend is true, that you have to shake this drink for a quarter hour to achieve the required consistency.

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Sipping wine with less calories

23 Jan

Great news for wine lovers! Now you can enjoy a glass of delicious chardonnay without having to count calories OR drink something with less taste. Wines from Skinny Vine do have lower alcohol contents, though, but if you’re looking to save your liver just a little bit and getting up the next day without a nasty hangover, try a bottle from this brand. Let me know what you think!


“Swinging” beauties

5 Jan

An homage to some of the bombshells that dominated the swinging 60s; an era still so captivating to us born decades later.

JEAN SHRIMPTON – British icon

“I never liked being photographed. I just happened to be good at it.”

JANE BIRKIN – English actress and singer

“I love Dickens because it makes me chuckle to myself so. He has taken me to another world and out of so many earthly miseries.”

CATHERINE DENEUVE– French actress and model

“But that`s what I like about film – it can be bizarre, classic, normal, romantic. Cinema is to me the most versatile thing.”

PEGGY LIPTON – American actress

I ran into Neil Patrick Harris recently. We were in something called The Purple People Eater.He was maybe 10, but he still remembered it as theworst experience of his life!”

MARILYN MONROE – American icon

“Hollywood is a place where they’ll pay you a thousand dollars for a kiss and fifty cents for your soul.”


Guide to easy false lashes

4 Jan

Fabulous post from the ever so lovely Lifeofbun


You know, I love me some fluttery eyelashes!
fake lashes
But for the longest time I saw fake lashes as little devils that would end up next to my eye.. or completely crooked.. -_-‘
eyelash fail
I couldn’t stand the sight of them, but then I thought man up woman! Fix yo lashes!
And thus as a result, here’s the handbook I go by now:

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Here’s to a very happy 2013

4 Jan


Stay fabulous, vixens!

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Easy and flavorful recipes made in 29 minutes or less, in one pot, or in a crock pot!

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