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9 Nov

The Art of Psychology

What is it about consumerism that transcends culture and class, and what aspects are exclusive to our own experiences?

Although I didn’t grow up in a wealthy family, my parents worked hard and chose to live beyond their means. They provided their only daughter with luxuries unheard of in former USSR: the best private schools, vacations twice a year and countless extra-curricular activities. We often watched Fashion Television together, and I quickly learned how to distinguish Versace from Valentino. We couldn’t actually afford couture, but we had a taste for it. Shopping was a highly anticipated part of every vacation. I was taught to look past brand names and pay attention to design. Rarely wasting time in high-end department stores, we headed straight for discount designer shops like Loehmann’s or Century 21. I loved getting deals on coveted designer names; it was empowering.

Despite my interest in fashion, I never devoted…

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Wine Wednesday: A smooth Merlot

8 Nov

Greetings, vixens! Tonight I am toasting a glass of fine Merlot in the aftermath of President Obama’s reelection. And what a fine wine (and a fine president, too) it is. Did you know that merlot is the most widely planted red grape in France’s Bordeaux region? It is eclipsed in stature by cabernet sauvignon, the grape with which it is routinely blended. The merlot is softer and has smoother tannins.

This evening I’m sipping a fine 2008 edition of Washington’s Tamarack Cellars Merlot, available at for 25 bucks. It’s smooth and rich, and oh-so velvety.

Forward, America!

8 Nov

Congrats to President Obama and good luck with four more years as our nation’s leader. It’s time to look forward, and together we can make significant changes. Away with hatred, bigotry, pettiness and angers. Let’s strive for a better nation, a better economy and a better place to live for ALL citizens. Let’s work together to make this a country where EVERYONE can marry, have access to affordable health care, get paid equally without prejudice, enjoy retirement, live freely, think independently and give to the community.

5 Nov

DIY: A Cute Baby Shower Thank You

4 Nov

DIY: A Cute Baby Shower Thank You.

An easier way to travel

4 Nov

Don’t you wish you could go to the airport and board your flight without having to worry about your luggage or baggage fees? Or even worse, that you’d have to reorganize your entire travel stash at the check-in counter? Well, what could have been a dream only can now be a reality! is a service that picks up your luggage at home and gets it safely to your destination, even internationally! Prices start at 39 dollars.

How awesome is that? Now you can travel in style with only your purse to keep track of. I love it!


Great news to all the shoe crazy gals!

3 Nov

What if you could customize your OWN PAIR OF PUMPS? Dream no longer, it’s actually a reality!

The site lets you choose everything from material, size, color and style! How fabulous is that? I opted for a pair of suede, blue round top pumps. So excited!

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